York Towers Company is one of the leading construction and development companies in the Georgian market. The company has completed up to 20 projects that have brought great experience to York Towers. The priority for the company is the highest quality, affordable prices and properly selected locations. At this stage, with an investment of $100 million, a multifunctional residential complex is being built in Tabakhmela called “York Town.”

The project includes private houses-villas, an aparthotel, a spa center, a shopping and business center, picnic and children’s entertainment areas, and bicycle lanes. Alongside the surrounding forest, 40% of the project is dedicated to recreation area, while 6000 trees are planned to be planted within the project.

York Town is a 20-minute drive from Tbilisi and allows people to live close to the city, with fresh air, in a calm environment, with an interior and exterior designed with modern architecture and a full service that makes life easier for York Town residents.

Most importantly, all materials used for construction are environmentally friendly, andall materials must meet the ISO standard. The second large-scale project, which is being carried out in parallel by York Towers and is almost completed, is Lisi View, a residential complex near Lisi Lake, with amazing views and ultra-modern architecture. Everything related to the Lisi View project, from building materials and construction technologies to soil, water and air conditioning, aims to preserve the natural environment and a harmonious family life.

York Towers also owns investment lands in Bazaleti and Mtskheta. In the near future, York Towers will launch a new project in Batumi, near the sea, which will become a calling card for the company.

It should be noted that during the pandemic, the company did not suspend projects for a single day, due to sustainable capital and sound management, respectively, York Towers, one of the largest employers in the Georgian market, did not leave any employees unemployed and completed significant stages of construction.

York Towers is actively involved in charitable activities and social projects and plans to participate in international events and forums, where in addition to the company’s potential, it will present an attractive investment climate in Georgia.


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